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Coordinators/Supervisors of Instruction - County Office Personnel

Coordinators/Supervisors of Instruction - County Office Personnel

Cheryl Smith - Homeless/ Migrant Liaison and Federal Programs Coordinator

RES Liaisons are Counselor  Shanel Stewart and Counselor Lydia Walker 

Cheryl Smith                                              

Houston County LEA Homeless Liaison                              

334.792.8331 EXT: 1131                                     


Kristen Dial

ALSDE Homeless Liaison



Lydia Walker/Shanel Stewart

Rehobeth Elementary Multiligual Education (formerly EL)/Migrant Liaison



Reyna Starling 

Houston County  Multiligual Education (formerly EL) /Migrant Liaison  

334.792.8331 EXT: 1129


Homeless Coordinator at Rehobeth Elementary


Lydia Walker/Shanel Stewart


Homeless Coordinator at Houston County Schools

Central Office 792-8331

Cheryl Smith 


English language Learner / Multiligual Education (formerly EL)
Coordinator at Rehobeth Elementary


Ariadna King


English language Learner Coordinator at Houston County Central Office


Reyna Starling/ Jazmin Davis/ Ariadna King

Greg Yance - Elementary Curriculum Supervisor

Josh Robertson - Secondary Curriculum supervisor

Misty Freeman - Special Education/ 504 Supervisor 

Cas Haddock - Student Testing/ Accountability Supervisor 

Glenn Maloy - Career Tech/ Dual Enrollment Supervisor

Marie Payne - Child Nutrition Supervisor 

Judy Thomas - Personnel/ Human Resources, Bullying Supervisor 

Joey Tice - Technology Coordinator

Brandy White - Superintendent